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It is widely known that maintenance makes various things last longer. Who wouldn’t love to prolong the useful life of their properties? It helps save on costs since it tremendously reduces the need for replacements. Think of garage doors. If not regularly maintained and repaired, these doors may demand a full replacement within a short duration for functionality purposes.

Purchasing a new garage door is by far too much expensive compared to the regular maintenance procedures by experts. Therefore, if you are a homeowner, it’s your duty to conduct research on the available garage door repair and maintenance companies within your reach. Then, you have to make an informed decision on which one is best suited to continually service your garage door for maximum performance. It is advisable for you to follow some standard tips when making your choice to ensure you seek the best services available.

For starters, you can ask your friends and neighbors to recommend a good garage door company. With a list of these alternatives, you can make contact with at least two or three of them to request for their estimates and other vital details like product warranties, a list of past clients around your area, and the total minimum charges for a service call. You can proceed to check them out on their website, but be careful not to be fooled to trust them due to their fancy online ads alone. Be keen to verify the advertised offers by the company in question and you can even contact your local Better Business Bureau to check on probable unresolved complaints against the firm.

Once your mind is made up and the company technician reports to start on the repair, you should not authorize its commencement until he explains the problem and the extra costs if any. Ultimately, it is highly recommendable for you to be present as the repairs are done. Also, be careful while making payments and avoid paying in full or up front. A deposit would do till the work is done.

Factors to watch out for before contracting the services of a garage door company:

No Address

Lack of a published physical address for the business could mean something fishy is cooking. Homeowners should watch out for such misdemeanors that exhibit fraudulent operations.

Surprise Door to Door Visits

Claims of special deals by companies coming right to your door raise eyebrows and you ought to watch out as a homeowner. A reputable firm rarely goes around to get clients unless during special promotion times.

High-Pressure Tactics

Homeowners ought to be cautious of people who come around with the intention to make you take a hasty decision. Technicians claiming about the dangers to your property if a certain measure is not taken should be completely avoided.

Lack Of A Name Phone Identity

It is courteous for any company mobile operator to answer the phone in a particular manner that introduces the company. Lack of this generic response should raise questions to any homeowner.

Unrealistic Payment Plans

Keep off companies demanding payment in full before project completion. Homeowners should avoid association with a company that wants money in advance, and they should avoid making payments in cash.

Tactics Of Unethical Dealers

Some unscrupulous people are making big money illegally in this line of business based on deception and illegality. Homeowners should be sound and ready to flush out such dealers in case of an encounter with them. They make use of now known and exposed schemes as discussed below.

Located In Large Metropolitan Area

Yelp is one of the false dealers. He is unethical, and he knows it. As a result, he opts to operate in areas with large populations where he is most unlikely to be known by all potential clients. He knows that even after duping several people, his market is still big enough to thrive.

Buy Giant Yellow Page Ads

This is the foundation of his schemes. He has come to the realization that door services are not an everyday affair. Hence, most homeowners rely on the services of Yellow Page to find local dealers. Yelp impersonates to create a positive impression to the customer.

Charge Exorbitant Rates

The Yellow Pages cost Yelp a hefty fortune to be fully operational. To recover this amount and maximize profits, he charges the unknowing clients 5-20 times more than the real cost of each part. While on the on-swing, he makes more than $100,000 per week, which is rough $35 million per year.

Utilizes Services Of Subcontractors As The Technicians

Yelp is prudent in carrying out his activities. Consequently, he has to motivate his service persons to co-operate with the illegal scheme. He is aware that paying them on hourly basis is not going to fuel their efforts and so is paying them on a monthly salary basis. Therefore, he hires the services of subcontractors who have their trucks, tools, and equipment with a promise to pay them an attractive commission on each job ticket. It, in turn, inspires them to generate big tickets with any customer they serve. He is more for the money, not morals.

No Warehouse

Yelp needs not pay for warehouses while others can do that for him comfortably. His subcontractors only pick doors, springs, openers and every other replacement parts they require in their repair from wholesale warehouses. Densely populated areas mean more distribution centers and wholesalers whose existence makes the operations of the false dealers easier.

No Storefront

Storefronts increase the credibility of existing garage door companies. However, Yelp knows setting up one is expensive and term it unnecessary for his operations. Schemers often run their entire activity process at the comfort of their homes and their Yellow Pages ads don’t usually include a physical address. Yelp operates by phone where clients call, and his task is only picking calls and collecting money.

I know you are wondering; can’t Yelp be arrested? Well, it would be the joy of every homeowner. However, he is very smart and in the case of any suspicions, he packs his load of money and disappears to the next big city. Therefore, every homeowner has a responsibility of carrying out extensive research on which company to hire to repair their garage doors to avoid an encounter with such a fraudster.